"It's a miniature world" is a small independent business with an on-line shop providing 1/12th scale dolls houses and accessories to the enthusiast.  I will be providing a varied range of miniatures which includes refurbished dolls houses, ongoing new and handmade accessories, seasonal projects, diorama projects (one-off displays) and various other ongoing projects

Latest Project


Everything you will find in a woman's handbag...

The hardest part of this project was trying to display the items clearly and making them standout individually so they can be shown off without having a handbag full of clutter!!


Yes it's possible for a woman to carry everything she needs in a handbag from lipstick, mints, all those crafting and sewing items such as knitting needles and wool, purse and cash, a packet of tissues, make-up and nail varnish, shopping lists, perfumes, notebook, headache tablets, a good book to read or even a bottle of wine, the list is endless, so perhaps that's why women's handbags are heavy!  A woman needs to be ready and prepared for anything or anyone at all times.


A good luxury classic handbag that is versatile and with sturdy straps is what every woman needs to make sure everything fits in the handbag all but the kitchen sink, is true!!  After all we are very busy women.


I've enjoyed making this project and the prototype and size was based on one of my handbags.  It took some figuring out how to make it but once I got started I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I just wish I could have got many more items in my handbag, perhaps I need a bigger handbag!!


Lovingly made by "It's a miniature world"