The Grey Sewing Room

Moments of bliss - welcome to "The Sewing Room".


From a complete beginner through to specialist guidance for the more experienced machinist, then you've definitely come to the right place.


Measuring and preparing patterns, laying out and cutting through to sewing up and hand finishing. 


Custom-fit sewing patterns made-to-measure for dress patterns, tops, new season, costumes, vintage and more, there is so many fabrics and colours to choose from. 


And what could be better than having a cup of tea beside your sewing machine and looking out the window to the coast or wherever you would like to be, so I've tried to capture the shabby chic furniture which compliments being near the coast.


I couldn't resist having a wool shop too with the black sheep sitting quietly surrounded by a vast array of different colours of yarn and knitting needles. 


This is one of the greatest benefits of sewing or knitting is making new friends along the way or even for a knit and natter.


Lovingly made by "It's a miniature world"