The Pink Sewing Room

My miniature girly ‘Pink Sewing Room’ – sugar and spice and everything nice!




In the Pink Sewing Room you will find a range of dressmaking fabrics and all the essentials including scissors, pins and a selection of ribbons, threads and much more.  The room is complimented by being kitted out with pink shabby chic furniture.




I decided on the colour pink together with a cream colour because it makes it gives a warm feeling and softness about it.




On the cutting table measurements are taken for homemade custom orders whether it’s for curtains or dressmaking.  Using a selection of quality threads and good buttons will make beautiful and well-made items in your miniature world.  Everyone will be envious of the ‘Pink Sewing Room’ it will make you want to move in to it.


Lovingly made by "It's a miniature world"


 Like all workshops – a good ‘sewing room’ inspires creativity.