Vanessa's boudoir is a bespoke box room which has been lovingly decorated in pretty pinks and purples by creating an image to capture Vanessa's personality and all the things she likes which makes it special and unique.


A boudoir is where a lady may retire to her private room surrounded by all her favourite things and Vanessa is a girly girl with romanticism and fashion and this shows off her sensual side in a lovely tasteful boudoir.


The luxurious lingerie adds a touch of glamour and finishing touches with necklaces.  Perfumes can be a woman's best friend so there's lots to choose from on her dressing table ranging from floral and spring scents to elegant scented perfumes.


The meaning of Vanessa's name means "Butterfly" and I have captured this on top of the jewellery box together with two romantic photographs.


Through the large window overlooks the garden with her favourite sweetpea flowers where she can admire them from.


And don't forget the playful cat having fun with the ribbon off the shoe box!


Lovingly made by "It's a miniature world"