The Secret Place

A Secret Place   where someone likes to go and enjoy the tranquillity and quietness of the countryside.  A hidden place in the middle of nowhere to relax amongst the countryside surroundings and nature

The stone walled hut is dilapidated and full of spiders and cobwebs, but is a heavenly sanctuary where someone goes on a daily basis and has a ‘make do and mend’ approach. 


An old rusty key to the hut still hangs on a hook outside the hut, and which was once the door to the hut has been placed round the back of the hut.  The hut has been weathered over the years where one side of the hut has crumbled away.  The shelves, walls, flooring and everything in it has also suffered, but it still provides enough shelter to make use of the dilapidated building with a bit of imagination and hard work to make the perfect bespoke Secret Place.


In this Secret Place a vegetable patch has been dug where time is spent enjoying and growing fresh vegetables as well as looking to see what other seeds may be sown in the ground once the potatoes have all been dug up.



In between digging and enjoying the surroundings, someone takes a breather and sits down on the cobbled together chair and table supported by bricks to enjoy lunch in the open air and scenic surroundings having a ham and cheese sandwich or perhaps a tin of tomatoe soup!


Not forgetting nature, a handmade bird feeder hangs from a dead tree which is twisted and broken but still provides a heaven for birds. Large fallen dead branches have been chopped up and ready for burning, but the majestic tree still manages to stand!

A tiny hedgehog takes sanctuary round the back of the hut and hides behind the dust bin in the hope for a meal, any scraps of food that may have been thrown away will do.


All sorts of bits and pieces have been acquired to create this refreshing waste-not-want-not bespoke scenic display loving made by:


“It’s a miniature world”