Hello my name is Julie Smith and I live in the Derbyshire area.  For many years my hobby for dolls houses and accessories has always been a "winter hobby" of mine and now I am looking forward to putting my passion and skills into practice with my new online shop.   


This is an exciting challenge for me and I have always been inspired to fulfill my hobby by all things that surround me.  I love the outdoors and tending to my garden and allotment and I will be bringing this into my new business venture with scenic displays.  I have always made all sorts of craft items throughout my life and love having the ideas of putting together the creativeness of displays.  The allotment allows me to see different building structures and how the allotment is worked, the untouched areas, the different colours and shades of natural habitat.  You can see one of projects that I've created called 'The Secret Place' in the Projects section.


I provide 1/12th scale miniatures for the adult enthusiast as follows:

  • Dolls accessories
  • Dolls furniture
  • Handmade accessories
  • Seasonal projects
  • Diorama projects (one-off displays)
  • Ongoing new homemade products

I hope you will enjoy and share my interest in "It's a miniature world" for the little girl and boy in you!


If you have any questions or queries, then please feel free to contact me and my contact details can be found in the contact section.


Please also feel free to visit my Etsy Shop where I have a vastly wide range of homemade miniature accessories for you to enjoy. 


You can find me on: